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  • "Orbiter" takes place today on the International Space Station as talk down on earth suggests a nuclear World War Three is imminent. Two Christian scientists aboard the station, who are otherwise surrounded by agnostic scientists, discover each others' devotion to the faith in this tense atmosphere, creating two increasingly hostile camps on the station: the believers and the non-believers. In an act of sabotage but an unknown actor, one of the U.S. laboratories on the station is exploded to fragments, killing one european scientist. As daner lurks in every claustrophobic crawlspace aboud the station, and the major powers as launching their nuclear warheads, our two bonded scientists realize that  with a huge leap in deductive logic, they have the scientific means to stop the nuclear war.... and they realize it because of a biblical quote. Can they stop a world at war from space in a mad plan at the last moment, or will they, in a quiet and reflective moment, be the only ones of God's Creation to see the Book of Revelation come true from God's point of view - 240 miles above the surface of the earth? 


david rosler has had over 35 years in several high-level creative capacities in a plethora of TV shows, movies and commercials. See the short list at http://www.davidrosler.com 

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